Future Photographer Snaps the Importance of SAE

Agricultural courses give students the opportunity to learn more about careers in the Agricultural field through hands-on activities. Students are required to keep records of a Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) plan.

This week’s SAE highlight goes to a Tyrone Area Sophomore, Anna Beck. Her supervised agricultural experiment is based on photography.

Beck spends two hours a week taking pictures of striking scenery. Agricultural classes such as Introduction to Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources, Natural Resources and Ecology, and Botany have inspired her to take photos using natural elements. As far as photography, Beck records these hours because it is something she enjoys doing.

“I usually take pictures of people and sometimes flowers and landscapes,” said Beck.

She is also on the Tyrone Eagle Yearbook staff, and taken photos for the yearbook as well.

After high school, Beck is looking forward to attending college for psychology or the medical field. The Tyrone Area FFA program has influenced Beck to interact with people as a career.

“FFA has helped with my public speaking. I used to be nervous and after a few speeches in front of the class, I was able to speak in front of an audience more fluently,” reflected Beck. “I would like to take on this career aside from the medical field.”

Click the slideshow above to see some of Beck’s favorite photographs.