Editorial: Eat. Sleep. Cheer. Repeat.


What if people questioned your passion?  Could you defend it with legitimate facts?

Skeptics have doubted the athleticism of cheerleading since its inception in 1898. There has always been one question repeatedly asked–to the extent that it wears on your confidence.

That question would be, is cheerleading really a sport?

It’s that one simple question that can send a cheerleader into orbit with steam blowing out of their ears. Some claim that we don’t work as hard so they believe that it shouldn’t be a sport. The truth is, cheerleading IS a sport!

On average, a cheerleader spends 12 hours a week–both training and performing.  If this seems like fewer hours than other sports, remember that cheerleaders practice year round.  Simply put: there is no off-season. In addition to cheers, we learn dances, chants and stunts.  We even warm up, exercise and cool-down just like any other athlete. It’s a rigorous activity that often leaves us remedying our aches the next day.

Imagine yourself in my cheer shoes.  Can you hold a 120 pound girl in the air while she twists, turns, and bends your arms in ways that no one’s arms should bend? Do you realize that the very first time you will simply fail?  Do you imagine it’s easy to do a split, pull your arabesque, or practice your routine to no end?

Cheerleading takes dedication and good time management skills.  After practicing incessantly, you must keep up with school work.  Just like any sport, our eligibility depends on grades and attendance, too. Don’t worry about a social life; there’s no time for one.  Physically, the sport is very challenging.  For the supports like me, the responsibility for keeping the flyer safe can also be mentally exhausting.  It takes optimism to step into the spotlight, throw a girl, and expect everything to go well. Everything a cheerleader does requires good decision-making skills.

It feels discouraging to hear the negativity.   Please don’t judge, and throw those stereotypes out the window.  Then come watch a practice, event, or competition.  Learn for yourself and you’ll love cheerleading!

A lot of my information and evidence came from www.americancheerleader.com, a great resource that proves this magnificent talent and ability 100% deserves the right to be labeled as a sport.

A cheerleader is a valuable and confident asset to their school.  They are leaders of spirit and excitement for the student athletes they represents.  Their enthusiasm for the teams and community they support is visible and vibrant every day, in every way.  We passionately keep the crowd motivated and involved and invite everyone to participate in some way.  School sporting programs benefit highly from cheerleading.

When you really know the sport as a whole, everything we do, and what we put ourselves through, you’ll realize cheerleading is a dynamic sport!

Now, I challenge you.  CREATE YOUR OWN OPINION.  IGNORE THE THOUGHTS AND WORDS OF OTHERS.  INVESTIGATE AND LEARN FROM US.  We will empower you and prove our worthiness.