Editorial: Cyberbullies Need to be Punished by Schools


Cyberbullying has been an issue ever seen technology and social media has been invented. Bullies have gone online as anonymous users to attack their victims1. “What is being done to stop these vicious criminals?” you may ask. The schools are turning a blind eye on the subject, when it is their responsibility to stop and punish the cyberbully. It is outrageous that schools can get away with sweeping the bullying under the rug while the victim suffers in and out of school.

Some people may think that if it’s online that it doesn’t get brought to school. However, according to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center Bullying Statistics, there is a whopping 90% of those bullied online that are also bullied offline and in schools. It is shocking and despicable that even though these cyberbullies are tormenting their victims in-school, they go unnoticed. This leaves the victim hopeless because nobody is aware of this in-school and out of school bullying.  

In Pennsylvania each school was required by law to have a cyberbully ‘rule’ that was reviewed every three years. This means that the school is responsible for consequences and punishments against the cyberbully even if it’s off school grounds. For schools to continue to use the excuse that cyberbullying is “out of their jurisdiction” is unacceptable. They are cowardly and foolish. The state has told them to handle the issue, but remain heartless and do nothing with matter.

Even though cyberbullying may not happen in school or on school grounds, the emotions still affect the victim at school. The torture of seeing his/her bully in the hall or in the classroom is almost too much to bear for the victim. The struggle of knowing that his/her oppressor is happy and fine, while he/she is barely managing to concentrate is hard to deal with. This causes the victim’s grades to suddenly drop, not wanting to go to school, and skipping school altogether. The victims of cyberbullying also have a higher likelihood to commit suicide.

The effects of cyberbullying go deeper than anyone can imagine. This sick kind of torture will haunt their memories forever. It’s the school that is supposed to and obligated to get justice for the victims, but don’t. They don’t try. They let it continue until it’s too much to take.

Don’t stand by and watch cyber bullying take place.  Just because the schools try to ignore the facts and their responsibility, doesn’t mean you have to. Stop and save a victim from their suffering.