Athlete of the Week: Cassidy Miksich


Name: Cassidy Miksich 

Sport: Golf

Grade: 11


Cassidy Miksich has won Districts for the past three consecutive years. This year she shot a 76 winning by two strokes. 

Eagle Eye: How did you first get involved in this sport?

Cassidy Miksich: I saw golf clubs at a yard sale when I was 4 and begged my parents to get them for me. I started swinging and playing from there. 

EE: What other sports do you play?

CM: None 

EE: Favorite professional sports team?

CM: Steelers 

EE: Favorite professional athlete?

CM: Rickie Fowler 

EE: Who do you admire the most? Why?

CM: Mr. Zupon. I got to see firsthand how tough life can be sometimes and he comes into school ever day with a smile on his face. 

EE: Favorite band /musician?

CM: Luke Combs 

EE: Favorite movie/show?

CM: Rocket Man 

EE: Favorite food?

CM: Chicken and Waffles 

EE: What advice would you give younger athletes?

CM: Work hard and practice, but do not be too hard on yourself. Sports are supposed to be fun, and in the end it is only a game. 

EE: What are your future goals?

CM: I want to play golf in college and I want to become an Occupational and Physical Therapist for special education kids.