Annual Pennies for Panzi Fundraiser Runs From Jan 27th to Feb 14th


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The annual Pennies for Panzi fundraiser supports the Panzi Hospital in DRC. The classes who raise the most money and most pennies will receive a prize.

The annual Pennies for Panzi fundraiser will take place from January 27th to February 14th. The fundraiser is orchestrated by the Youth Action Network (YAN) club at Tyrone Area High School.

The money raised will go to PanziUSA foundation in support of the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo located in Central Africa. Since 1999, the hospital has treated women and girls who were victims of sexual trauma and severe gynecological injuries.

The Pennies for Panzi campaign allows the student body to come together and get involved in a cause bigger than ourselves”

— Yan Vice President Aden McCracken

The hospital specializes in treating women who were victims of war, rape, and abuse. Many of the patients treated underwent severe emotional and physical abuse.

Panzi hospital was founded by Dr. Denis Mukwege, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019, for his efforts at the hospital.

YAN has been supporting the hospital for the past 10 years, and has contributed over $13,000. Dr. Mukwege, the staff, and the children at the hospital have filmed several thank you messages addressed to the Tyrone Area High School for the ongoing support. Tyrone continues to be the most dedicated secondary school in the world to the cause.

“This campaign serves as the core of our efforts for the Panzi hospital and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This money will be used for the women and their children, specifically in the school for their kids in the coming year. We will give this money to the Panzi foundation now located in Washington, DC, and they will ensure that it goes directly to the Panzi staff. The money will be spent in their local economy to not only help the hospital and staff and the women and children, but it helps the businesses surrounding the hospital as they support each other,” says YAN adviser Cummins McNitt.

All High School Social Studies classes will participate in the campaign. All the following school teachers will have donation cans in their room: Mr. Cammarata, Mrs. Redinger,Mrs.  Burket, Mr.King, Mr.McNitt, Mrs. Beagle, Mrs. Markle, Mrs. Oliver, and the Library.  

The object is to see who can raise the largest amount in pennies and who can raise the most amount overall.  Pennies score a point each, but any denomination other than a penny (dollar,nickels,quarters, etc.) take that many points away from the penny count. This year there will be two winners awarded: the class who brings in the most pennies and the class that raises the most overall money. The prize will be a pizza or breakfast party. All proceeds are donated to the Panzi Hospital.

The proceeds of the Pennies for Panzi contest will be combined with the money raised from the Halloween event and will be sent to the Panzi Foundation in May. In order to create the greatest impact the foundation will turn all donations into a local currency in order to purchase what they need from the community. This helps the hospital’s funding and strengthens the community.

“The Pennies for Panzi campaign allows the student body to come together and get involved in a cause bigger than ourselves,” says YAN Vice President Aden McCracken.