TAHS Wrestlers React to Their Sport Being Eliminated From the Olympics


The International Olympic Committee has decided to eliminate wrestling, starting in 2020. The only hope for wrestling to remain in the Olympic games is a competition with wakeboarding, the combination of baseball and softball, karate, squash, roller sports, and wushu.

Many people believe that wrestling should not be removed from the Olympics, but other sports should like wakeboarding, the combination of baseball and softball, karate, squash, roller sports, and wushu. They are the competitors against wrestling. Wrestling was one of the first sports for the Olympics which started in 776 BC.

Many wrestlers here at Tyrone have been wrestling ever since they were little. Now that wrestling may not be a part of the Olympics. Will Tyrone wrestlers still want to train for college and not have a career after college?

Tyrone’s sophomore wrestler Nick Getz said “I’m bummed out because I have been wrestling since 1st grade with my pap coaching me and we used the Olympics as a goal so I could push myself to get better. Now that the Olympics may not be a game after the 2016 Olympics, I have to find a new goal that pushes me to get better at wrestling.”

Another Tyrone wrestler responded to the news. Sophomore Ty Snyder said “the thought of wrestling coming to an end in the Olympics is possible now if it gets voted out. This is disappointing news; I followed the wrestlers from the United States that participate in the Olympics. If this happens I can’t follow the wrestlers in the Olympics.”

Mr. Wilson is also the Bellwood wrestling coach said “I really think it is a shame that they are considering dropping wrestling from the Olympic program. The Olympics have always been the ultimate goal for wrestlers.  Many of the other sports have professional activities for the athletes to work towards.  Many athletes that have been training for years for that one shot will be very disappointed.”

Wrestling for Tyrone in the future is bright with the wrestlers returning from last season. They will also have help from the 9th graders moving up.