YAN Presents $2,500 to Panzi USA Foundation


Peter Frantz accepts check from TAHS YAN members

Panzi USA co-founder and board member Peter Frantz visited Tyrone High School to accept a $2,500 check from the Tyrone Youth Action Network (YAN) Club.

YAN has been involved with the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, the Democratic Republic of Congo for over ten years, making Tyrone High School’s partnership with the foundation the longest of any secondary school in the United States. 

Frantz thanked YAN for its continual support and fundraising and spoke about Panzi Hospital founder  Dr. Denis Mukwege.  

It means so much that we are directly helping these survivors, and have been doing so for ten years now.”

— Olivia Watson

Mukwege, a renowned gynecologist and advocate for rape victims, was a co-recipient of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize.

To highlight the students close connection to this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner, Frantz asked students if they are familiar with Kevin Bacon’s six degrees of separation.

“Kevin Bacon’s six degrees of separation basically means that you know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody and so on.  So really, you guys are the second degree to a Nobel Peace Prize winner if you think about it,” said Frantz.

YAN’s financial support for the PanziUSA Foundation comes from three main events: the Pennies for Panzi fundraiser, the Halloween Event and the 4D Movie Night.

“It is a great way to get students involved in helping out with some competition, and we end up supporting such an important cause,” said YAN president Hannah Gampe.

The students work hard throughout the year to help both Panzi Hospital and their local community.

“It means so much that we are directly helping these survivors, and have been doing so for ten years now,” said YAN secretary Olivia Watson.

In the future, YAN will strive to continue to raise money for the victims in Bukavu while also hosting events that support the Tyrone community.