Welcome Back: Many Tyrone Students Looking Forward to Return


Todd Cammarata

The district put many desks and classroom furniture in storage so that teachers could reorganize their classroom environment to encourage social distancing.

Reaction to the news that Tyrone is planning to return to full time classes was mixed among students at the high school, but for those who support the return to five day a week school, the decision to go back is exciting news.

These students agree that virtual learning is not as beneficial as in-person learning.

“I want to go back [to full time] because it’s a lot harder to learn online than in person,” junior Ashlee Walk said.

I’d love to go back full time because I miss seeing all my friends and I think it will be a lot easier to learn when we are in class every day”

— Senior Ella Pearson

Students also miss the social aspect of school; many don’t get to see their friends much because they have been attending in person instruction on opposite days.

“I’d love to go back full time because I miss seeing all my friends and I think it will be a lot easier to learn when we are in class every day,” senior Ella Pearson said.

While the hybrid schedule has been a smooth transition for many students, others have had a hard time adjusting to the online lessons and not seeing all their friends.

“I want to go back to see all my friends again and get in person learning,” said senior Brandon Lucas.

In a hybrid model, students only have around 13 in-person days a month. This means most students are getting only half of the instruction they would usually receieve.

With two separate groups of students going on different days, this adds pressure to the teachers, who must teach the same lesson multiple times to both groups, and make sure the students at home understand the lesson, as well as the students in class.

The hybrid schedule also adds more stress and pressure on the students.

In some cases, students have to learn lessons online through packets and websites rather than the traditional lecture and discussion from the teacher. Then, on virtual days, students must work on their own and use email to communicate with the teacher.

Some students are overwhelmed with the virtual school and stress about due dates and submitting assignments correctly.

“It’s hard to go back to school for only two days a week and have all your tests in those two days. It makes school a lot more stressful.” junior Stephanie Ramsey said.

Most students will be back in the building for full time instruction beginning next Monday, October 19.