Wattpad: an online community for writers and readers

Attention aspiring writers and readers: check out Wattpad


I’ve always been a writer, and I’ve always had a passion for it.

For the past two years, I’ve been writing my novel “Fallen.” For the past two years, my mom has served as my critic, but she doesn’t always have the best advice, or the knowledge of writing of a fellow writer.

Then I found Wattpad.

Wattpad is an online community of novelists, poets, and writers just like me. It’s a great way to get recognized for your work and get feedback and constructive criticism to help your writing constantly improve.

If you write for fun, love writing novels or poems, even non-fiction stories and memoirs, Wattpad is the place to be.

Wattpad has a “Critics Classifieds” where those who are willing to give a detailed critique on your work will post and advertisement. You simply message them, and you get a critique as soon as they’re available. Due to some constructive criticism I have just received, I have spent the past three days editing just one chapter in my works.

Not only is Wattpad a fantastic place to get constructive criticism, it is also a great way to get noticed. Some writer have millions of readers, others less than a hundred. You can read other peoples stories, comment on them, get involved in the Wattpad community on the forums- and you can start getting thousands of views and comments on your work.

Maybe you’re not a writer. Maybe you’re a reader.

Wattpad is also a great community for avid readers as well. Although the ebooks on Wattpad may not be New York Time’s Bestsellers (although a few of them are), they are written by everyday people with a passion for writing, and some of them are actually quite interesting. The best part is, Wattpad is completely free! You can add the book to your library on your Wattpad account, bookmark the page you’re on, highlight, make comments- and keep it for later. It’s quite convenient.

I encourage all writers and readers to check out www.wattpad.com or their Wattpad app in the Apple store.

Get involved in a community of millions of avid readers and passionate writers.