Vote for the YAN Halloween Highway Car Decoration Contest

Despite the cold and rainy weather, the annual YAN Halloween Event attracted 156 vehicles and 543 total visitors, including nine dogs and one kitten.  There were 115 student volunteers and 12 adults who made the annual event happen.  YAN also received $493.70 in donations for local and international charities.

“Last night was undoubtedly the worst weather we have ever had.  We had howling winds, pouring down rains, and even a little sleet mixed in, and it lasted most of the evening,” said YAN advisor Cummins McNitt, “We even had one canopy destroyed, destined for the dumpster!  Many of our visitors commented on the bravery of our students as they weathered the cold, rain and wind.”

YAN received community donations from Gardner Candies, Kiwanis Club, Leidig’s Farms, Mac’s Market, and Shoe Fly.

Please vote for your favorite car decorations from the Halloween Highway YAN Halloween Event.  Voting will be open until 8:30 am on Thursday, November 4.

Thanks to Mac’s Market in Tyrone and the Tyrone Eagle Yearbook for donating our first and second prizes!