2023 Eagle Eye Valentine’s Day Coloring Contest

We challenged the third and fourth grade students to Valentine’s Day themed coloring contest

The Eagle Eye News is proud to announce the winners of this year’s Third and Fourth grade Valentine’s coloring contest!

Each class was given four different coloring sheet options to choose from. This allowed the students to choose their favorite design and add their own creative touch.

Along with coloring their pictures, each student was asked who their Valentine is and why.

The entries were judged and voted on by the Eagle Eye staff. From those votes, three winners and around seven honorable mentions were chosen from each grade level.

Click the slideshow above to see all of the winners and honorable mentions.

First through third-place winners received some Valentine-themed candies such as chocolate hearts and Reese’s hearts.


Third-Grade Winners


First place: Lincoln Pasquale (Mrs.Golden)

Second place: John (Mrs.Chiocco)

Third place: Ava (Mrs.Veit)



Fourth Grade Winners


First place: Kendall Teeters (Mrs.Getz)



Second place: James Kubarek (Mrs.Lonsinger)

coloring page

Third place: Shane (Mrs.Lonsinger)