Tyrone’s New Business Teacher Brings Life and Workplace Experience to the Job


Reagan Wood

Business teacher Amanda Oliver

Growing up, Tyrone’s new business teacher Amanda Oliver lived in six different states before moving to central Pennsylvania eight years ago.

Her family moved often for work, living in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. She also attended college in Michigan.

I was an accountant for ten years. I loved what I did, but I saw a decrease in it being offered in schools. ”

— Amanda Oliver

Of all the places she lived, New Hampshire is probably her favorite.

“I loved New Hampshire. [It] has the beautiful country lifestyle but is only 30 minutes from the beach,” said Oliver.

According to Oliver, moving a lot growing up had its challenges, but also its benefits.

“It was difficult because I was always referred to as ‘the new girl’,” said Oliver, “[but] I did have the opportunity to experience many different lifestyles and people and I made a lot of friends.”

After high school, Oliver moved again, attending the University of Michigan, where she earned a degree in accounting.

She then spent ten years in the business world before deciding to go into teaching.

“I was an accountant for ten years. I loved what I did, but I saw a decrease in it being offered in schools. I decided to take my love for a subject that is slowing dying in schools and my love for learning and become a teacher. My hopes are to expand business education and the need for it in schools,” said Oliver.

She moved to central Pennsylvania to be closer to members of her immediate family who are also living in the area. 

Before coming to Tyrone, she worked as a full-time substitute teacher in the Moshannon Valley School District.

Oliver applied for the business teacher position that opened when Ms. Shelby Runyan left last year.

I look forward to getting to know the students and watching them grow”

— Amanda Oliver

She says that she’s adjusting well so far and has an optimistic outlook on her first year teaching here. 

According to Oliver, some of her greatest challenges have been developing new lesson plans and getting familiar with the classes, especially since she’s new to the district.

Although she described the year as stressful so far, she explained that she fell in love with teaching business when she went to school for it.

Outside of teaching, Oliver’s hobbies and interests include reading, bowling, soccer and spending time with her family.

Oliver bowled competitively in college and would love to start a club or team to get students involved in the sport.