Despite Ski Club Cancellation, TAHS Students Hit the Slopes in 2021


Andrew Savino

Tyrone students enjoying a day on the slopes at Blue Knob Ski Area. Front row – Kelton Raabe, Rodney Shultz Back Row – Keegan Raabe, Michael Buck, Taylor Black, Andrew Savino, Lyndsey Fleck, Taylor Greene

Due to COVID restrictions, the Tyrone Middle and High School Ski and Snowboard Club could not make their annual trips up to Blue Knob Ski Resort in 2021.

Skiing is a relatively safe activity during the pandemic because it is outdoors and encourages plenty of social distancing, so the issue was not as much the activity itself, but the transportation.

Transportation of dozens of students in close contact by bus would not adhere to social distancing guidelines, so the season had to be canceled.

“We decided it would be in the best interest of all parties to cancel the season. To say we were all disappointed would be understated,” said TAHS Ski Club adviser Dan Plummer.

The conditions were great this year. They were able to open up trails that haven’t been open in years”

— Kelton Raabe

Although Ski Club members were disappointed, some of Tyrone High’s more committed skiers and snowboarders made the trek to Blue Knob on their own and enjoyed what turned out to be one of the best ski seasons in the past few years.

“The conditions were great this year. They were able to open up trails that haven’t been open in years,” said Tyrone senior Kelton Raabe.

Snowfall began in December this year and colder weather prevailed through most of the winter, which allowed Blue Knob to make snow and keep it longer than was possible over the past several years.

For most of February, almost every trail was open for skiing and snowboarding except a few – most notably Upper and Lower Extrovert, Lower Route 66, and Lower Shortway.

But that left plenty of open terrain available for skiers and snowboarders of all ability levels.

“I love Runout because you get to go fast and race all your friends,” said Tyrone senior Lyndsey Fleck.

Blue Knob is currently closed for skiing and snowboarding during the week, but they plan to open this weekend and hope to stay open, at least on the weekends, until April 1, weather permitting.

As for the Tyrone Ski and Snowboard Club, Plummer says it will be back next season.

He is already looking forward to life being back to normal well before next ski season. He hopes that all the former ski club members will return and bring their friends to experience the fun of skiing and snowboarding.