Tyrone Tops Clearfield Again

Goaltender Caden Brooks

After beating the Clearfield 5-2 earlier in the season, the Golden Eagles went into their second game with Bison with confidence.  Despite an early scare from the Bison, Tyrone was able to record a 3-1 win to complete the season sweep.

Tyrone started the first half mainly relying on their speed.  They sent many balls over the defense in hopes that Tyrone’s target forward, Andrew Pearson could outrun the Bison defense.  However, the Bison defense was very aggressive, so it was difficult to beat them with just one attacker.  Even though Tyrone was able to get a few breakthroughs on offense, none of their shots connected.

Early in the first period, the Bison’s offense was able to break through and take a shot into the goal.  The ball took an unlucky bounce off of goalkeeper Caden Brooks’ hands and went into the net to give Clearfield an early 1-0 lead.

For the remainder of the game, though, Brooks was solid in goal with several outstanding saves.

the early Bison goal was a wake-up call for the Golen Eagles.  For the rest of the game, they played with much higher intensity.  Forward Andrew Pearson was able to run through the defense and down the right side of the field with the ball.  Pearson sent the ball across the front of the goal for midfielder Corbin Nale to put in the net.

The Eagles continued to keep the pressure up in the Bison’s defensive zone.  This time it was Nale who made the run down the side of the field and crossed the ball to a streaking Pearson who was able to finish the ball, putting the Eagles up 2-1 at the half.

The majority of the second half was played in Tyrone’s half, but their defense wasn’t letting anything through.

The defense was able to send the ball up to the offense, but the Bison defense was able to stop them in their tracks.

Late in the game the Eagle’s defense sent the ball over top of the Bison defense and forward Mason Thomas saw his opportunity.  He ran through the defense so that it was just the goalie between him and the net.  Thomas ran right towards the goalie, popped the ball over his head, and put the Eagles up 3-1.

For the rest of the game, the Eagle’s defense made sure that the Bison couldn’t put anything else on goal.

The Eagles played a good possession game and they played with intensity.  The Eagles hope to carry their momentum to their games against Penns Valley on Wednesday and Saturday.