Tyrone Swimmers Open Season 1-4


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Kiersten Friday

Tyrone opened the 2022-23 swim season this week with a double loss on the road at Central Cambria on Monday and a split in their first home meet of the season with Marion Center on Wednesday.

Against Marion Center on Wednesday the boys won 71-63, and the girls lost 106-29.

I am very hopeful for this season I think the team can show a lot of personal growth

— Captain Kirsten Friday

The top finishers for the boys were Spencer Dunklebarger, who was a double winner for the Golden Eagles, winning the 100 breaststroke with a time of 1:13.57 and the 100 free with a time of 54.62. Dunkleberger was also a member of the winning 200-free relay team with Brandon Buss, Lucas Bonsell, and Dylan Eckenrode.

Eckenrode also won the 200 freestyle with a time of 2:31.99 while Bonsell took the 100 butterfly with a 1:04.67. The Eagles also won the 200 medley relay with a 2:01.32.

The other first-place winner for Tyrone was Cameron Gallagher who won the 500 freestyle with a time of 6:47.04.

On the girls’ side, the lone first-place winner for the Golden Eagles was Evalyna Aiken, who finished first in the 500 freestyle in 6:40.52.

Tyrone vs. Central Cambria

In the first away meet of the season both the boys and the girls fell short to Central Cambria. The boys lost 109-53, and the girls score was 131-26.

Tyrone’s girls only had seven swimmers and the boys had only 10, so they were outnumbered in almost every event.

For Tyrone, Spencer Dunklebarger won the 200 freestyle with a time of 2:07.63. Dunklebager also anchored the winning 400 free relay team along with Buss, Dylan Eckenrode, Lucas Bonsell, with a time of 4:06.95.

Many of the swimmers on the team this season are new, so the team hopes to see steady improvement as the season progresses.

Despite the losses, girls team captain Kristen Friday is staying positive about the season’s outlook.

“I am very hopeful for this season I think the team can show a lot of personal growth,” said captain Kirsten Friday.



200 medley relay: 1, CC (McMullen, Roberts, Haycisak, Wandel) 1:54.69; 200 freestyle: 1, Dunklebarger, T, 2:07.63; 200 IM: 1, Wandel, CC, 2:21.30; 50 freestyle: 1, Roberts,CC, 25.63; 100 butterfly: 1, McMullen,CC, 57.31; 100 freestyle: 1,Wandel, CC, 56.51; 500 freestyle: 1, George, CC, 6:29.55; 200 free relay: 1, CC (McMullen, Krumenacker, Wandel, Roberts) 1:40.38; 100 backstroke: 1, McMullen, CC, 1:07.46; 100 breaststroke: 1, Roberts, CC 1:12.49; 400 free relay: 1, Tyrone (Buss, Eckenrode, Bonsell, Dunklebarger), 4:06.95



200 medley relay: 1. CC (Ashurst, Westrick, Hodge, Monborne) 2:08.56; 200 freestyle: 1. George, CC 2:19.28; 200 IM: 1, Westrick, CC, 2:23.50; 50 freestyle: 1, Monborne, CC, 27.78; 100 butterfly: 1, Hodge, CC, 1:09.67; 100 freestyle: 1, Westrick , CC, 56:90; 500 freestyle: 1, Hodge, CC, 6:03.52; 200 free relay: 1. CC (McCullough, George, Knapp, Hodge), 1:59.92; 100 backstroke: 1, Ashurst, CC, 1:11.06; 100 breaststroke: 1, Wandel, CC, 1:35.34; 400 free relay: 1, CC (George, Monborne, Ashurst,Westrick ), 4:19.31

Records: CC boys (1-0), Tyrone boys (0-1), CC girls (1-0), Tyrone girls (0-1)