Tyrone staffers get “pied” for charity

Mr. Glen Drager, Mrs. Connie Shaffer and Officer Bub Dick all took a pie in the face for charity as HOSA and Student Council teamed up to host a pep rally on May 10, 2013 in the high school gymnasium.

Students raised money for the Tyrone Area Food Bank by donating their loose change to the teacher or staff member who they would most like to see “pied.”

Juniors Ashley Miller and Kearstin Keller, both members of HOSA, along with Technology Department staff member Becky Schreckengost were chosen to help with the pieing.

Kearstin Keller pied Mrs. Shaffer and said, “It was exciting to pie a teacher because I can cross that off my lists of things to do before I die!”

Junior Ashley Miller, who pied Officer Bub said, “It was fun pieing Bub.  I hope we do this again next year because it was for a good cause.”

Becky Schreckengost of the technology department got to pie her boss, Network Administrator Glenn Drager.  Schreckengost said “I volunteered to pie Mr. Drager – who doesn’t want to pie their boss?”

When asked about the pie, Mr. Drager said “it tasted good,”  but “felt cold and rather disgusting.”

Mrs. Shaffer, who volunteered to get pied because it was for a “good cause” said “I thought Mr. Wilson, who was sitting beside me, was a gentleman but he apparently is not because he didn’t offer to take the pie for me!”

The event raised $242.00 for the Food Bank.