Tyrone Senior Returns to TAHS One Month After Liver Transplant

Students, faculty and administration gathered this morning to welcome Sharon Salyer back to TAHS

Sharon Salyer, McKenzie Johnson, Adam Zook and Will Lash

The sun was shining this morning at Tyrone Area High School. Just one month and one day after receiving a liver transplant at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, Sharon Salyer returned to complete her senior year.

Sharon’s remarkable attitude and fighting spirit has inspired many students and faculty at Tyrone. It was no surprise to those who know her that Sharon arrived back at school nearly a month ahead of schedule.

It’s overwhelming, I’m happy to be back here with my friends”

— Sharon Salyer

Salyer was greeted at the main entrance this morning by dozens of her classmates from Cummins McNitt’s first period economics class, High School Principal Tom Yoder, Guidance Counselor Tiffany Johannides, Social Worker Molly Stroup, and School Nurse Julie Patton.

As she arrived, she was presented with flowers and balloons by sophomore McKenzie Johnson and senior Adam Zook. Tyrone students also made a welcome back sign for Sharon and sold stickers at all lunch periods last week to help raise money for Sharon’s medical costs.  Over $252 was raised by students at lunch for Sharon and her family.

“It’s overwhelming,” said Salyer, “I’m happy to be back here with my friends.”

“The student body and school staff has shown total support of Sharon through donations, prayers, and communication to receive updates on her surgery,” said School Social Worker Molly Stroup, “We are simply astounded and sometimes without words when we think of what she faced psychologically and physically and where she is at today in her recovery.”

“Both in donations and emotional support, everyone has been willing to help out,” said high school guidance counselor Tiffany Johannides, “The school community has proven that it is more than capable of coming together in a crisis. Sharon is cared about and valued by many and it touches my heart to know she is so loved and respected.”

Since her transplant, Sharon’s life has changed dramatically.

“It’s really changed how I eat. I don’t have to worry about having a hyper-anemic attack. I can relax and just enjoy life,” said Salyer, ” I’m really excited for prom and graduation.”

“Sharon is an inspiration to all of us,” said senior Adam Zook, “The struggles she has had and the courage she displays in the face of all her issues really motivates me to be a better person and gives the student body some much needed perspective.”

I had so many emotions as I saw her come through the front doors. I am very proud of Sharon’s strength and as always she came through the doors with a smile on her face”

— Tiffany Johannides

“I am beyond ecstatic that Sharon has returned to TAHS today,” said Johannides, “I had so many emotions as I saw her come through the front doors.  I am very proud of Sharon’s strength and as always she came through the doors with a smile on her face.”

“We have a great school community willing to pull together and help out a student in need,” said School Nurse Julie Patton, who has been coordinating fund raising efforts for Sharon in the school district.

“I’m so happy we have her back here at TAHS,” said Zook.

“Thank you to Sharon for sharing her journey with us,” said Stroup, “We needed to know how she was doing, needed to know that she was okay. Sharon we wish you a full, happy and influential life. You have influenced us, reminded us that  friendships, education, and yes even breathing, is never to be taken for granted.”

Fundraising to help Sharon and her family continues.  The next fundraiser is a “Paint and Snack Party” on April 29 from 7-9 pm in the High School Cafeteria.  The cost is $35 a person and seating is limited. Call 684-4240 ext 5226 for reservations.  Donations can also be made to the Salyer family by clicking on her Children’s Organ Transplant Association Page.