Tyrone Says Farewell to Math Teacher


Rilee Barndt

Mrs. Tiffany Smith is leaving Tyrone high school after teaching for 11 years.

After serving for the math department at Tyrone Area High School for the last 11 years, Mrs. Tiffany Smith has left her position to work for Get More Math (GMM).

GMM is a math program that has been used within Tyrone Middle and High School for many years.  

Smith is a Tyrone alumnus who graduated with the Class of 2006. After college, she returned to her hometown and taught from her alma mater until she decided to pursue a different job opportunity. 

Entering her 11th year of teaching, Smith had left quite an impact on several of her students. 

Throughout her years at Tyrone, she served as a Student Council advisor, a soccer coach, and a junior high basketball coach. She primarily taught algebra classes, as well as pre-calculus, trigonometry, and statistics. 

Mrs. Smith has truly made an impact at TAHS. She has had a positive effect on students. She has taught and coached, in addition to her amazing role as advisor of Student Council. Mrs. Smith will be greatly missed by students and staff,” said the head of the math department, Michele Marasco.

When asked, Smith said that she will miss the people within the school the most. 

“I will miss the students and staff…I can honestly say that they have impacted my life both personally and professionally and have left me with memories that will last a lifetime,” said Smith. 

Students are also left feeling the same way and have expressed how Smith has truly made an impact on their lives as well.  

Senior Emma Getz has not only been a student of Smith’s, but also a student council member and basketball player coached by Smith. 

“I’ve had Coach Smith as a teacher and coach and I can honestly say she’s left a huge impact on me. She’s always been very helpful and has always been a great advisor to have,” said Getz. 

Smith hasn’t only affected the upperclassmen. The freshmen class has also explained how they only had two marking periods with Smith, but will still miss her. 

“Smith made a really positive impact on the start of my high school career and I’m really going to miss her,” said freshman Mariyah Hunter. 

Though she will be greatly missed by all, Smith has forever left an impact on Tyrone’s students and staff that will be with them for a lifetime. 

“It has been such a blessing to me to have had the chance to come back and teach at Tyrone after graduating here! I could not have asked for more amazing students and colleagues to work with. I will miss interacting with them on a daily basis but am excited to see where the next adventure will lead me. Thanks Tyrone for an amazing ten years,” said Smith.

We wish Mrs. Smith the best of luck in all of her new endeavors, as well as thank her for all the amazing things that she has done for our school.