Tyrone Nets 5-4 Win Against Philipsburg

The celebration was on as the Tyrone-Bellwood Boys Soccer team beat Philipsburg for their first regular season victory since 2020.

Tyrone was able to score five goals in the win, the most in a game since 2020.

Junior Rocky Romani had a hat trick, and Conner Bardell and Landon Berry both added goals in the 5-4 win.

“It is a great feeling getting a win under our belts,” said Tyrone Head Coach Alex Barlett, “We know we would have to grind it out and we showed everyone we can win tough games in this league.”

It is a great feeling getting a win under our belts. We know we would have to grind it out and we showed everyone we can win tough games in this league.

— Head Coach Alex Bartlett

Scoring four goals and only allowing one in the first half, the boys took a strong early lead.

Junior Rocky Romani took a shot from far outside the 18, and the ball rolled right through the Philipsburg goalkeeper’s legs. This quick goal gave Tyrone the confidence boost they needed.

What seemed like one right after another, junior Noah Newlin was able to get a great pass to Romani, who scored the second goal of the game.

Toward the end of the first half, Tyrone had an offensive attack that brought them into Philipsburg territory. Then, one of the Philipsburg players was forced to kick it out of bounds, resulting in a corner kick.

This is when junior Connor Bardell stepped up to the task and took the corner kick. With just the perfect amount of curve on the ball, Bardell scored, putting Tyrone up 3-0.

Again, the Tyrone team launched another attack, with senior Micheal Labella playing a perfect pass to Romani. Romani then took a good touch and scored, granting himself a hat trick and putting Tyrone in a commanding lead of 4-1 by the end of the half.

“Although I scored the goals, it couldn’t have been done without the plays and the passes from my teammates,” said Romani.

Tyrone continued to keep possession, however, they gave up a couple of goals, with Philipsburg coming within one goal of tying Tyrone twice.

It was after the third goal that Philipsburg scored that freshman Aiden Lewis played a ball to the corner, hitting sophomore Landon Berry, who then faked out multiple defenders and scored.

Tyrone’s goalkeeper Eric Sims also played a huge part in the game, making a total of 17 saves.