Tyrone Indoor Percussion Places First and Colorguard Places Second At St. Mary’s

The Tyrone indoor percussion ensemble performed at St.Mary’s High School this past weekend and placed first in their division with a total score of 75.80. The indoor colorguard achieved a score of 62.33 and placed second in their division.

 “I’m very happy with our jump in score and we are simply continuing to add more onto the show and improve our musicality and ability to work together each week,” said Band Director David Hock.

The remaining competitions left in the 2017 indoor season are the Johnstown competition, TIA Chapter 11 Championships at Tyrone High School, and the TIA Atlantic Coast Championships in Wildwood, New Jersey.

In the current TIA rankings the percussion team is ranked 9th with a 75.80 and the guard is ranked 38th with a 62.33. The percussion ensemble gained one spot while the guard gained two spots in their division.

The Tyrone indoor percussion and colorguard will travel to Johnstown High School on April 22nd, 2017. This show is the final show before the TIA Chapter 11 Championships at Tyrone High School and Atlantic Coast Championships in Wildwood, New Jersey.