Tyrone Holds First Pep Rally of 2012

Tyrone held their first pep rally of the year on August 31.

The pep rally was typical in many ways – the football team was introduced this year and the new coach was bid the best of luck from everyone in the gymnasium.

But this year there was a new wrinkle to the old pep rally format – for the first time academics were also honored in the gym.  Math teacher Mrs. Erica Martin released who the winners of the PSSA math awards.

“I was really proud of this year’s seniors for the hard work they put into last year. And it was exciting to be able to reward them for their efforts,” said Martin.

Another new addition to the pep rally was the fact that it included the middle school, which hasn’t been done for several years. The middle school students loud enthusiasm added an extra dose of pep to the crowd.

This is also the first pep rally since Mr. Rhoades became the new high school dean of students, Mrs. Miksich the new middle school dean, and Mrs. Pinter the new middle school principal.

“I really liked that we were involved in the assembly. I have been going to the football games for a few years and I was really excited that the middle school was able to go this year!” Maddie Veit, eighth grader expressed.