Tyrone Gets Beat on Home Soil Against Clearfield


Marissa Lewis

Freshman Evan Chichester making a long pass up the field

Clearfield went home with a 3-0 win over Tyrone in their match on Saturday, October 9th. Tyrone gave a good effort only letting three goals in the entire game, making it one of the closest games in the season.

While Tyrone’s defense was solid for the most part, their offense lacked the ability to put one on the board for the Golden Eagles.

Tyrone went into the game with two objectives. First, they wanted to try to change the point of attack, which means they wanted to take the ball from one side of the field and bring it to the other. Second, they wanted to make overlapping runs, which is when a pass is made and the passer runs by the receiver and to have the ball passed back to them.

Most of the first half was spent on Tyrone’s defensive end. With several plays being made within Tyrone’s half, many shot-on-goal situations were occurring for the Clearfield Bison.

After twenty minutes of mutual possession of the ball, the Bison managed to take a shot and add a point to the visitor side of the board.

Getting scored on was a heartbreaker for the team, but this did not mean they were going to give up.

For the rest of the half, Tyrone did not let the Bisons score again, keeping the score 1-0. Their goal was to tie up the game in the second half.

Tyrone came back on the field hoping to hold their defensive line and take some shots at Clearfield’s goal. Tyrone was unable to fulfill their plan of attack, and they let in two more goals within the second half.

The game ended with a 3-0 Clearfield victory over Tyrone.

While the Golden Eagles did lose, keeping a very athletic team with many subs from scoring double-digit goals was a victory of itself for the team.