Tyrone Falls to Huntingdon in Last Home Game


Maci Brodzina

Freshman left back Nate Ellenberger putting pressure on an opposing player

The Golden Eagles took a loss against Huntington in their final home game on Wednesday, October 13th.

After coming off of a 7-1 game against Clearfield, the Golden Eagles were hoping to score in consecutive games.

After continuous ball movement between both teams, the Bearcats maintained possession of the ball and scored within the first two minutes of the game. Huntington managed to get the halftime score to 5-0.

As halftime approached Tyrone started to wake up. In doing this, they prevented getting scored for the remainder of the half.

At halftime Tyrone varsity soccer coaches Alex and Kyle Bartlett plotted a new plan for the second half.

Tyrone needed to change the point of attack and successfully pass the ball from one side of the field to the other in an effort to get better scoring opportunities.

Although the Golden Eagles accomplished their goal to change the point, the Bearcats were ready for anything coming into the second half. They read (predicted) what Tyrone was going to do every time keeping them a step ahead of the young Tyrone team.

This resulted in the Bearcats scoring two more goals in the second half, ending their last home game with a score of 7-0.