Tyrone Drops Another Close Game, Lose 2-1 to League Leading Bellefonte

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Tyrone continued a downward tilt with an away loss to the the 10-1 Bellefonte Red Raiders on Thursday. This is Tyrone’s third loss within one goal in three of their four league losses. The Golden Eagles once again struggled to create many chances on offense down the stretch of the game due to Bellefonte’s clearing style of defense.

We looked really good to begin the game, we hustled to the ball really well. Unfortunately their “kickball” defense made it difficult to keep up for the long haul and to get anything going in the offensive third.”

— Assistant Coach Jay Stewart

To begin the game Tyrone’s offense quickly established themselves with pace and hustle. Any loose or badly handled ball was gobbled up by the midfield, led by captain Blake Johnston, and quickly fed back into the offense where Tyrone’s speed burnt the flat footed Bellefonte defense. However after five to ten minutes of dominate play Bellefonte adjusted to the pace of the game and at every chance booted the ball downfield shattering Tyrone’s progress.

The first goal of the game came around the mid way mark of the first half. After a foul ten feet outside of the Tyrone 18 Bellefonte was scored on a long range, direct free kick.

Shortly after Bellefonte scored their second. Following a wild shot which rebounded off the near post a rush to the ball ensued. Within seconds multiple shots followed and a goal was ruled on a controversial call. However this did little to demoralize Tyrone. Minutes later Andrew Pearson drilled a shot into the left corner on an unassisted run of revenge. At the end of the first half the score was 2-1 in favor of Bellefonte.

The second half proved difficult for Tyrone. Bellefonte’s kickball defense continued to wear out the Golden Eagles and made it difficult to build any momentum. Tyrone maintained a constant pounding of the ball up the middle of the field while still managing to utilize their wings, but the Red Raider defense stood strong stopping any through balls or calculated runs. The score ended at 2-1 with a Tyrone loss. Tyrone’s record now stands as 6-4-2 in the mountain league and 6-7-2 overall.

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