Tyrone Domino’s Opens to Record Sales

The Tyrone Domino’s has been successful in numerous ways over the past two months.

Based on 2018 gross sales, Domino’s is the number one pizza company in America, and for at least a moment in November 2018, the Domino’s location in Tyrone was one of the highest grossing Domino’s in the country.

On Monday, November 19th at 8:40 pm, the Tyrone Domino’s Facebook page posted, “As of this minute our Domino’s ranks 8th in the entire country in sales for the day.”

Over Christmas, Domino’s across the nation raised money for the St. Jude Foundation. Out of 5,800 establishments participating, the Tyrone Domino’s ranked 45th in the country for money raised.

An impressive accomplishment for a small town store, the Tyrone Domino’s has received a tremendous amount of business and support from the community, proving that more than almost anything, Tyrone loves its pizza.

Located between Dollar General and Colonial Courtyard on Pleasant Valley Blvd., Tyrone’s newest pizza place opened on November 16th.

We always have a lot of fun while maintaining a good work ethic. It’s a great addition to our little town.

— Kayla Michenfelder

“We have a drive through pick up window, which is fairly uncommon for Domino’s stores, and I’m pretty sure we’re one of the largest on the east coast,” said junior employee Hanna Denny.

The new store has brought new jobs and opportunities to several Tyrone students. 

“I love my coworkers and we always have a lot of fun while maintaining a good work ethic. We’re all familiar faces, which is nice to the community. Everything is very new and it’s a great addition to our little town. Domino’s has such a great atmosphere. Between the amazing workers and food, it provides a great addition to Tyrone,” said sophomore employee Kayla Michenfelder, who has worked at the store since the day it opened.

The owner, Sheldon Port of Alexandria, said that the Tyrone location has been his greatest success. Port owns three other stores, located in Huntingdon, Duncansville, and Bellefonte.

“Tyrone is the best. The employees all care about the business and are deeply involved. They are passionate and want the store to succeed. I’m happy to be in Tyrone and am proud of the crew at that location. I’m excited to see [what] the future [holds],” said Port.

Through the struggles of starting a franchise in Tyrone and the chaos of running a small business, Domino’s is quickly becoming a popular local spot, which offers fast and friendly service.

“It is more like a team and we genuinely care about being the best for our customers. I think in the way we treat our customers, if something is wrong with someone’s order or they have been waiting a long time. We take that into account and we relate to them so we try to make it right the best we can. Especially in a small town like Tyrone, everyone knows everyone, so we want to treat them like a friend,” said TAHS senior and Domino’s employee Haley Conrad.

The Tyrone Domino’s opens daily at 10:30 and closes at midnight Sunday-Thursday and at 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays.