Tyrone Community Players Seeks Volunteers

TCP is hoping to have the old Tyrone Library renovated into a theatre space by 2026.

Tyrone has a rich history of support for the performing arts that continues today through the Tyrone Community Players local theatre group.

First established in 1984 by four local women to provide a venue for citizens to showcase their talents, the Tyrone Community Players have been a part of the community for almost 40 years.

Longtime TCP member Nancy Sloss loves the experience of live theatre and wants to see it continue to grow and thrive in Tyrone.

“Anything can happen during a live performance, good or catastrophe,” said Sloss, “By attending live theater the audience can be drawn to characters played perhaps by their neighbor, or friend.”

Live theater experiences are advantageous for people of all ages. The friendships and bonds made during a production can last a lifetime

— TCP member Nancy Sloss

Sloss would like to see more people of all ages get involved, both on the stage and behind the scenes.

“The stage offers a place where a person can shed their inhibitions and become someone or something else. It can instill confidence in the timid when they hear the applause and open doors for people seeking self-expression. Live theater experiences are advantageous for people of all ages. The friendships and bonds made during a production can last a lifetime,” said Sloss.

The group has struggled since the demolition of the Tyrone YMCA, which served as the group’s stately performance home for many years.

However, TCP has been working to replace their long-time home and rekindle the spirit of the theatre in Tyrone.

TCP has been renovating the former Tyrone Public Library building at 1019 Logan Avenue, transforming it into a unique and intimate theater space.

“We are progressing, slowly, with our renovation and hope to be able to open our space to the public on our building’s centennial in 2026,” said TCP member Cindy Bennett.

The interior space has begun to take shape with new bathroom facilities, a ticket booth, and a new entry space. The seats and flooring are waiting to be installed.

According to Sloss, one major stumbling block at the moment is installing a handicap-accessible ramp to bring the building up to code and make the building accessible to all.

“Our most recent estimate for the ramp we are required to have is $25,000. We will have other expenses such as more electrical work, a little construction, painting, and finishes. I’m not sure how much everything will add up to. We can do some of the work ourselves, which will save money but cost us time since we are a 100% volunteer organization,” said Bennett.

“There are some local people who have shown their interest in assisting with this project but the Players certainly welcome any and all who can lend a hand,” added Sloss.

No previous experience is necessary and we would be thrilled to mentor people interested in any aspect of theater

— TCP member Cindy Bennett

While work on the new theatre continues, TCP has been using Harkins Hall of St. Matthew Church as its performance home.

“The church has been very accommodating when TCP rents the hall, but not having our own space is wearing on all involved,” said Sloss. “Every aspect of a show has to be rehearsed, built and moved to the Hall with only a week before show nights. Lights are heavy, sets are bulky and sound equipment weighs a ton.”

Another problem has been the lack of actors auditioning for TCP shows.

“At the present time, our acting core has diminished drastically. The lack of a true performance space is a deterrent,” said Sloss.

They are also in need of costumers, seamstresses, detail and general wall painters, and people interested in stage lighting, sound, directing, stage managing, set design, and building.

“No previous experience is necessary and we would be thrilled to mentor people interested in any aspect of theater,” said Bennett. “Whatever sounds interesting we will help you learn and welcome you with open arms. Our most pressing need right now is auditionees. We can’t do a show without a cast!”

TCP’s next production is a contemporary comedy called Always a Bridesmaid.

According to Bennett, the show has a funny script about friendship, loyalty, and keeping promises.

“We are so close to having a cast. We are still looking for one or two women, 40 or older, to round out the cast. Never done a show before? There’s no time like the present,” said TCP member Sara Best.

Always a Bridesmaid is scheduled to take the stage on June 9 and 10, 2023 at St. Matthew Harkin’s Hall in Tyrone.

For information or reservations phone the ARTSline at 814-684 ART2 (2782).

Anyone interested in auditioning for a show, helping out with a production, donating time or money to the organization should reach out to a TCP member or connect through their Facebook page and leave a message.

Being a part of TCP can benefit the creative side of people in many ways.

“The thing I love the most about TCP is that it gives me an outlet to use my creativity and imagination both through performance and in all aspects of building a show. Set design, painting, costuming, props, lighting, and sound are all key factors during any performance. I like acting and singing on stage but also love the challenge of stage managing to make sure each cog in the production wheel is working,” said Sloss.