Tyrone Students Boarded the Trump Train and Remain (Mostly) All-Aboard


Picture by Flickr, used by creative commons license

President Donald Trump was elected to office on January 20, 2017. Since then, nearly everyone across the country has formed an opinion of the reality star billionaire in the Oval Office.

Recently, the Eagle Eye conducted a poll asking student’s their opinion of the president. While some of his support from the fall has eroded, the results of our poll show that are student opinions are still marginally in his favor.

In recent national polls, Trump’s approval ratings are at historical lows and confidence has declined.  However, among Tyrone students opinions were significantly different.

More than 50% of voters from TAHS approve of the way Trump is handling the presidency, 36.1% disapprove, and 10.9% have no opinion. 

A recent national poll had Trump at 59% disapproval, 37% approval, and 5% of voters had no opinion.

Although 36.1% to 59% does not seem like a large gap,  it is a 22.9% difference. Donald Trump won the electoral vote to earn him his seat as president by only 13.76%. 

A large controversy in the Trump presidency is bias against women. 57.1% of Tyrone voters said he is not biased, while 42.9% said he was. In recent national polls, 55% of Americans said he was biased against women, while 40% said that he was not. Only 5% had no opinion.

Other controversial topics include how the president is handling relations with North Korea and the threat of terrorism. These, and many other poll topics such as economy and campaign promises can be found in the  infographic below.

In our survey, 56.5% of the those that responded identified as Republican, 21.1% as independent and/or none, 17% as Democratic, and 4.1% voted other as a political party.

Compare our results to the national poll to see how Tyrone has opinions opposite to the nation as a whole: