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The streak for the Tyrone Varsity Tennis hits its demise

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Only consisting of four members, the Varsity Tennis team couldn’t be compared to AAAA Central Mountain Wildcats. With what seemed like an army of infinite players, Tyrone kept their fingers crossed hoping for another victory.

On the court, Tina Hollen felt that she was getting robbed more times than not.

“It’s tennis etiquette that if the ball is on your side, you call it in our out. There were a few questionable calls that really cost me the game. I wasn’t arguing with her over every hit, though,” said Hollen

However, Central Mountain didn’t get the memo, constantly badgering Hollen, causing the end of her undefeated streak.

Plagued with an early symptoms of bronchitis, Marlena Wagner was the definition of walking dead. Her short term energy let her steal the first set 6,4. Still putting up a fight, Wagner only lost the second set by two games (4,6). Running short on fumes, there was no hope for the final set. Wagner lost the set 0,6 and her overall single match.

Hannah Klesius ran up her tissue count instead of her score– alos losing back to back sets 0,6.

Erika Voyzey was the only victory for Tyrone that evening. Playing for over two hours, it was rightfully assumed that it was an equal match, but only for the first set. Voyzey was constantly one game behind until the score was tied at 5,5. Voyzey need to win two games to win the set. During a side switch, Coach Irving asked Voyzey if she need anything, and she replied with a bizarre answer: “I could really go for some oranges. I’m getting a little hungry.”

It may have been her determination to win or the extra carbohydrates that aided her to the victory (7,5). During the next set, Voyzey obliterated her opponent winning 6,2.

The duo of Kelsius and Voyzey were no match for the army of fresh players. Central Mountain gained another win with a score of 8,4 in the 8 game proset.

The overall team score for Tyrone was 1-5. Their current record is 4-4.

Hopefully the future week’s rainy weather will act in Tyrone’s favor letting the team come back to life.

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The voice of the Tyrone Area High School
The streak for the Tyrone Varsity Tennis hits its demise