The Human Condition: Letting Go

Closure, the feeling that an emotional or traumatic experience has been resolved, is a concept we all have some awareness of I would guess, and as such, we all know the relief and comfort that comes along with closure in any stressful scenario. The closure is often what is seen as a conclusion or resolution to something, and this is quite the truth, discovering closure in any situation is the final step in acceptance and moving on from the past.

Letting go is something I have struggled with over the years, and I’m sure others have too. It’s hard.

It’s a true struggle of your mind’s own self-awareness. Recognizing that something is better off left in the past and not swimming around within your own skull is a challenge, not only that, but it’s a part of life’s journey as a whole. We’ve likely all had things in our lives that we just can’t seem to move past, to say the least. These struggles of accepting the changes that are necessary to our development as people are normal as anything, nobody likes change and drastic, emotional alterations of one’s life are going to take a toll at one point or another. It’s all about looking forward though, changing the perspective of potentially clinging to the past and being absorbed into your regret or failures to one of optimism, one of acceptance and one of action.

That is the part I am advocating: action.

Nothing will ever change for the better, nothing will ever truly feel right in your world without physical action. I’ve always been one to think that doing my best to maintain a positive outlook on my situation and believing everything is or will be just fine because of the effort I was able to put in is definitive enough action to turn my life around and move on from past mistakes and regret, but that is far from the case. It isn’t that believing you’re already doing all you can is a fault of anybody at all, it is a side effect of the trauma, stress, and struggle that you’re going through. We may be convinced in our unstable state of mind that we can’t fight any harder or we can’t find a solution to the troubles daunting us, but I will say in full confidence, there are always ways to make progress.

This is the lesson that can be learned from long term struggle, there is truly no “cannot”  in this journey of life.

No matter the length, shock or severity of your personal situation, there is always a way to take steps toward recovering and healing. That is what far too few realize, myself included for the longest of times, but it’s really the truth of humankind, we are resilient, adaptable, driven even when we aren’t, and full of surprises. So, surprise yourself, make the leap toward your own happiness, start your new and likely imposing adventure of making life exactly what you want it to be.

Most of all, survive. It’s a hell of a world out there, take your piece of the prize and just run with it.