The Annual Christmas Assembly is a Go for Friday


What is Christmas without the annual Tyrone High School Christmas assembly?

With TAHS math teacher and Christmas assembly organizer Erika Martin on a sabbatical, and a half-day schedule for Friday, rumors spread in the high school that the Christmas assembly may not happen this year.

Fortunately, those rumors are false. The Christmas assembly IS indeed happening this Friday.

This year it is being organized by a committee of teachers and students. Several skits, dances, and performances are being organized by Mr. Funicelli and the Golden Revolution, Mrs. Deskevich and the speech team, Mrs. Harris and POPs, Mr. Hock and the jazz band, and Tyrone dancers of Dance Fusion.

Students will be called to the auditorium at 9:05 am. Assembly will start at 9:15 and end right before A lunch, which starts at 10:19 on Friday.

This year there will be all new material with everyone in the audience getting involved as well. The Christmas assembly committee was in charge of choosing the performers and groups for the assembly.

“POPs and Jazz Band (as well as a few soloists) will also be featured,” said Mr. Funicelli.

The assembly is said to be about tradition this year and will be very humorous.

Several members of Tyrone’s Dance Fusion will even be visiting to perform on stage.

Each performance is unique and according to Mrs. Deskevich, there will be a “few fun surprises” as well.

So don’t listen to the rumors that this beloved annual tradition is not happening.  Make sure you come to school on December 22nd, you don’t want to miss this one.