Teachers Beat Deans of Students on the Links

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On Friday, April 12, 2013, four Tyrone Area School District employees took to the Sinking Valley Golf Course for a match that was deemed “The second biggest golf spectacle of the weekend, behind the Masters.”

Mr. John Rossman and Mr. Michael Funicelli, both high school teachers, teed it up against two of the district’s deans, Mr. Michael McKee and Mr. Lucas Rhoades.

The match started out evenly, but after the ninth hole it was painfully apparent that the teachers would be punishing the Deans, as they took a two-hole lead.  Unfortunately for McKee and Rhoades they never rebounded from the deficit and ultimately ended up losing by five holes.

The lone bright spot for the deans came on hole number eight when Mr. Rhoades luckily chipped it in for a birdie two.  However, the birdie was overshadowed by the plethora of pars scored by Rossman and Funicelli.

The Deans called the teachers’ play “sneaky,” referring to their lack of mistakes and quiet advances.  Sneaky or not, the teachers swung their way to victory, and the deans never stood a chance.

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