TAHS Nurse Implores Students to Wear Masks Properly


Maggie Parks

The recently reinstated mask mandate for PA schools has resulted in heated discussion at TASD School Board Meetings this month.

The 2020-21 school year is filled with uncertainty, but one thing is not up for debate: face coverings.

All TASD staff and students are required to wear a face-covering to prevent the spread of Covid 19.

Eagle Eye Video Production

According to Tyrone High School School Nurse Tracy Miler, as cases rise in both the county and state, it is important that everyone properly adhere to the mask guidelines.

“A likely major contributing factor to the increases in Covid-19 cases is the change in weather. As it gets colder outside and dark earlier, people naturally tend to move indoors and are, therefore, closer together,” said Miller.

Masks are the first line of defense to slow the spread of the virus, especially indoors.

Now is an opportune time to remind the community how to achieve the greatest level of protection from a mask.

“For masks to be most effective, they need to be properly worn. A mask should fully cover both the nose and mouth areas,” said Miller.

While some students are not enthusiastic about wearing a face covering, other students wish that their classmates would understand the severity of the situation.

“Most people wear masks underneath their nose or around their chin. I don’t think that people understand that their mask protects me and my mask protects them. I don’t wear it for myself,” said senior Kelton Raabe, “It is vital that everyone understands and participates so we can remain with in-person instruction and stay healthy.”

While concerns about students wearing a face covering for an entire school day have arisen, students are allowed to take mask breaks. When six feet of social distancing can be retained, teachers set aside a ten minute period when students have the option to remove their face covering.

For masks to be most effective, they need to be properly worn. A mask should fully cover both the nose and mouth areas”

— TAHS School Nurse Tracy Miller

“Sometimes teachers can get caught up in the lesson and may forget about a mask break. If one of us reminds them, they are so quick to apologize and will give us one. I have never felt like I needed a break and couldn’t take one,” said sophomore Ashlynn McKinney.

Tyrone High School is making the greatest efforts to continue to educate in the safest environment possible and needs your help to do so.

Members of the Eagle Eye and video production class helped to produce the public service announcement attached to this story that has been shown on the morning announcements.

Follow the tips and guidelines below to stop the spread and allow the district to maintain in-person instruction.


  • Students and staff must wear a face covering at all times unless instructed otherwise
  • Do NOT come to school if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID 19, have tested positive, or have a family member that has.
  • Face covering should include the mouth, chin, AND nose.


  • Do NOT wear a loose mask. Mask should have a close fit to the face without gaps on the sides
  • The colored side of surgical masks should face outward
  • Avoid touching the mask
  • Do NOT remove the mask to talk
  • Sanitize reusable coverings after each use
  • Try to touch only the strings when putting on and removing mask
  • Wash your hands before AND after touching face covering
  • Get a new covering if damaged or dirty
  • Cut the strings off of disposable masks after usage to prevent wildlife from getting entangled
  • Do NOT store masks in a purse or bag with other belongings, instead store in a clean, reusable plastic bag