TAHS Grads Excel in Math Related College Majors

Tyrone math teacher Michele Marasco said she is proud of several TAHS alumni who are majoring in math related fields in college.

Many high school students struggle with math and are apprehensive about college-level math courses. However, several recent Tyrone Area High School alumni have not only chosen math-based majors in college, but are thriving, thanks in part to their coursework in high school.

I am very proud of the drive and dedication my former students have shown in reaching their goals for their future careers.

— TAHS math teacher Michele Marasco

“Our math program at TAHS gives students a great introduction to understanding college-level math. Dual Enrollment Calculus and Dual Enrollment Statistics offer students the opportunity to take first-year college math courses in preparation for their math-related majors,” said TAHS math teacher and department chair Michele Marasco.

According to these recent alumni, their transition between high school and college was made easier thanks to the classes they took from the TAHS math department.

“I am very proud of the drive and dedication my former students have shown in reaching their goals for their future careers. The majors they have chosen entail difficult coursework, which requires many hours of studying,” said Marasco.

Hannah Gampe, TAHS class of 2019 grad, attends Penn State Behrend in Erie. Gampe is currently in her fourth year and seventh-semester senior majoring in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Statistics and Computer Science.

Hannah Gampe
Courtesy of Hannah Gampe

“I’m proud to be a woman in mathematics and to hopefully be an inspiration and role model for other young women who have an interest in the field,” said Gampe.

Women are a clear minority in the math field, according to Gampe, which only makes her feel more empowered to represent females in the math field.

Gampe had to adjust what was normal for her in high school to the realities of college, such as classroom differences and the importance of hard work both inside and outside of the classroom.

“It’s important to take advantage of opportunities. The professors don’t have to give opportunities for extra help, so make sure to appreciate them when they are given,” said Gampe.

Gampe has had nothing but a positive experience at Penn State, and she feels she has benefitted from her peers and professors.

“It’s nice to be in a space with other individuals who are passionate and focused on math in a similar manner as myself,” said Gampe.

Class of 2020 grad Emily Detwiler is studying Chemical Engineering at Penn State University. She is in her third year and will graduate in 2024.

Emily Detwiler
Courtesy of Emily Detwiler

Detwiler has experienced some tough math while at school but she said that the logic and problem-solving abilities that she learned in high school have helped her to succeed.

She enjoys using math in her field of study and feels she’s benefitted from her classes, although it hasn’t been easy.

“While the math classes were challenging, they taught me the importance of practicing and asking others for help,” said Detwiler.

Mattie Cherry, Class of 2021 grad, attends Penn State University and is pursuing a degree through the College of Education as a Secondary Education Mathematics Major. Cherry’s academic plan is very similar to that of a mathematics major at Penn State.

Cherry agrees with the others that math at the college level is definitely challenging and time-consuming, but it is also a field where your achievements reflect the time and effort put in.

Courtesy of Mattie Cherry

Cherry has a combination of emotions towards the higher-level math programs that she never even knew existed a few years ago.

“Math courses at Penn State are extremely fast-paced and professors expect you to master a considerable amount of material in a very short amount of time, which can be stressful,” said Cherry.

Cherry will soon be experiencing life in the classroom as she moves into her upper-level education courses as a student teacher.

“I am excited that my degree will allow me to teach at the high school level where I can help guide students through some of the most influential years of their lives,” said Cherry.

Class of 2021 grad, Miranda Goodman, is attending Penn State University Majoring in Applied Data Science with a focus on Political Science and a minor in Security and Risk Analysis.
She is also a learning assistant for a discrete mathematics course, working in a Human Language and Technology research lab, and completed an internship at Minitab this past summer.

Miranda Goodman
Courtesy of Miranda Goodman

“I’m grateful for learning many valuable skills [in high school] that have helped me be successful in college,” said Goodman.

Learning study habits has helped her with the increasingly difficult courses in college.

“It is challenging to succeed without learning to manage your time, efficiently preparing for exams, and asking for help when you need it,” said Goodman.

Class of 2022 grad Stephanie Ramsey attends Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL.

Ramsey was initially nervous about the transition between high school and college but realized that she was well prepared by the TAHS math department.

“I was anxious about this at first because it was a new style of learning, a new school, and a math course that I had some background in, but wasn’t very comfortable with. But I quickly learned that Tyrone’s math department prepared me for my upcoming math courses,” said Ramsey.

Stephanie Ramsey
Courtesy of Stephanie Ramsey

Many aspects of college have been similar to high school for Ramsey, such as the class setting and schedule.

Ramsey’s strength is math, so she was interested in becoming a calculus tutor in high school in order to help other students understand the material in a more efficient way.

Moving at a faster pace and experiencing harder classwork also hasn’t stopped Ramsey from continuing her athletic career as a college basketball player as well as an engineering and math student.

All the math students agreed that while college-level classes are much faster-paced and more rigorous than their high school coursework, what they did in high school helped them to prepare to be successful in college.

I quickly learned that Tyrone’s math department prepared me for my upcoming math courses.

— TAHS alum Stephanie Ramsey