Student teacher from Bucks County enjoys her experience at Tyrone


Jordan Wolfe

Ms. Larissa Mariani

In December, four student teachers from Penn State will be completing their teaching experience at Tyrone .They have all reported having a good experience and are looking forward to beginning their careers as teachers.

Larissa Mariani from Bucks County Pennsylvania is the student teacher for Mrs. Beagle. According to Ms. Mariani, her experience here has been very exciting so far. She said “It can be overwhelming sometimes but the students have made it a lot of fun”.

Mariani has wanted to be a teacher since she was young, and always wanted to do something with English.

Some things that she has learned so far include being more flexible, and able to work on her toes. Also, she has learned that being part of a teaching experience makes all of her hard work worthwhile.

Like all of the other teachers, Ms. Mariani enjoys working here. She said “I love working here at Tyrone and I feel fortunate to begin my career here.”

She feels that working here will definitely make her a better teacher in the long run. Her experience has prepared her for more than she expected. She said “ I could not have asked for a better teaching experience. “