Student teacher from Altoona enjoys her Tyrone semester


Jordan Wolfe

Miss Laura Scheeler

Four student teachers from Penn State will be completing their teaching experience at Tyrone in December. All four reported having a good experience and are looking forward to beginning their careers as teachers.

Laura Scheeler from Altoona is doing her student teaching with Mrs. Redinger.

Scheeler said “I’ve always liked school and working in an interactive environment.”  She also said “it is rewarding to see that you’ve taught students something.”

According to Ms. Scheeler, she has learned to be more organized this year; she also learned to adapt to individual students needs and abilities.

Scheeler especially enjoyed working at Tyrone becuase she went to high school in a much much stricter school, according to Sheeler, and “the teachers and students here are laid back and easy to work with.”

She felt that the experience will make her a better teacher in the long run.

“Having this experience and the opportunity to work around students is highly beneficial,” said Scheeler.