Spanish 3 to Take Field Trip on Nov 2


Students from Senora Sechler’s Spanish 3 class will take a field trip to State College on November 2, 2017.

The students will participate in a Spanish scavenger hunt and go out for a Mexican lunch.

The scavenger hunt will take place at Lowes. There will be two teams, boys against girls.  The students will be given a series of words in Spanish that they have to translate into English and locate items within the store. Once they find the items in the aisles, they take a picture of the item and show it to Senora Sechler. Whichever team shows the picture first will get the point.

After the hunt, the class will go eat a Mexican lunch at Ray Azteca. Students can order whatever they want, but all orders have to be made completely in Spanish.

“I just want to reward them for all of their efforts,” said Senora.