The Weight Room is for Everyone


“Ew!” “That’s weird.” “Lifting is for guys!” “Do you want to look like a man?”

C’mon ladies, let’s get real for a moment.

We are all smart enough to realize we are not going to look like the steroid-ballooned bodybuilder cut from the pages of FLEX magazine.

This is the modern age and we know the benefits of exercise. In today’s day in age, it has never been more important for women to project a strong and confident appearance both inside and out.

Strength training will elevate us all both mentally and physically.

Why is it a stereotype that only guys should lift and not girls? Is it because it makes you big and bulky? Is it because it’s not “ladylike” to sweat or smell bad in the gym? Girls need to seriously think about putting down the eyeliner and picking up a dumbbell.

I’m sick of hearing its “weird” for girls to weight lift.

Trust me when I say it, I’m not a feminist and this is not about women’s rights or equality. Personally, it’s about making your life as enjoyable and as healthy as possible

Ladies, weightlifting can change you both mentally and physically.

In today’s day in age, it has never been more important for women to project a strong and confident appearance both inside and out.

— Madison Yothers

During this school year, I started weightlifting. Over the last nine months, I have seen a tremendous difference in my confidence, my appearance, and my mental and physical stamina. If you’re feeling down in the dumps, don’t grab your phone and air your sorrows on Instagram: Grab some iron! Sweat off that puny ex-weakling you called a “boyfriend” (you know you could do more pushups than him anyway) or anything else that’s bothering you. The results in a few short weeks will surprise you!

Don’t forget weightlifting can be more effective than cardio to help keep our stomachs flat.

Listen, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t hit the pavement or treadmill. In fact, some type cardiovascular activity should be part of your daily workout routine, but strength training needs to be part of your workout plan.

In the newsletter, “Healthline”, researchers explained cardio burns more calories per session; however, the muscle developed through strength training burns more calories throughout the day and workout sessions.

Building muscle is the key to increasing your resting metabolism — that is, how many calories [including fat calories] you burn at rest. I mean it’s really a “win-win” situation with weightlifting: you build muscle, you lose fat, and you become toned all while burning calories. You become the envy of that “girly-man” who dropped you for the “twig” in 4th period biology. His loss.

If you think weightlifting is still for men, it’s time to reconsider ladies.

Take a look at a couple of these beautiful and strong female celebrities who weight train as part of their exercise program: Blake Lively, Hilary Duff, Megan Fox, and Emma Stone. All of these women weight lift, and I look at them!

Granted I might not be as rich, but bet I could out-bench them.