Senior Spotlight: Sara Shock


Devon Henninger

Senior Sara Shock has been very active in various clubs and other activities.

Eagle Eye: What are your plans after high school?

Sara Shock: “Attend Clarion University to get my Masters Degree in Speech Pathology.”

EE: What is your favorite high school memory?

SS: “Watching Jayden Graham put people in a headlock and take them to the floor.”

EE: Mac’s Market or East End? Why?

SS: “Mac’s market because I like bread and meat with my onions.”

EE: What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

SS: “Student Council, YAN, National Honors Society, Concert Choir, Aevidum.”

EE: What will you miss most about high school?

SS: “Seeing my friends every day.”

EE: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

SS: “No, I believe a hot dog is in its own separate category.”

EE: What is your favorite non vulgar word?

SS: “Tomfoolery.”

EE: Do you have any advice to underclassmen?

SS: “Take Mrs. Redingers’ World Cultures class before taking Mr. McNitt’s Geography class.”

EE: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

SS: “With a Masters Degree in Speech Pathology and living in my own apartment/house.”

EE: It’s been a long ride, are you ready for it to come to an end just yet and why?

SS: “Yes and no. Yes because I’ve been here for like 12 years and no because I’ll truly miss making memories with my friends.”