Senior of the Week: Zac Albright


Eagle Eye: What is your favorite color? 

Zac Albright: ¨Green”

EE: Who is your role model? 

ZA: ¨My pap¨ 

EE: What is something you wish you had the ability to do?

ZA: ¨Fix mistakes I have made in my life¨ 

EE: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

ZA: ¨Working hard on my career and being with my family”

EE: Who is your favorite musician? 

ZA: ¨I don´t really have a favorite but one of them would be Wiz Khalifa”

EE: What is your best high school memory? 

ZA: ¨Being with my buddies during football season¨ 

EE: Is a hot dog a sandwich? 

ZA: ¨No, the bun is connected”

EE: What is your favorite word? 

ZA: ¨Flabbergasted”

EE: Advice to underclassman? 

ZA: ¨Have fun and enjoy every minute because your senior year will be here in a blink of an eye¨