Senior of The Week: Mya Romano


Eagle Eye: What is your favorite color? 

Mya Romano: ¨Blue¨

EE: Who is your role model? 

MR: ¨My mother¨

EE: Best high school memory?

MR: ¨Getting a concussion in Powder Puff during my junior year¨

EE: What is something you wish you had the ability to do?

MR: ¨Time travel to anywhere¨

EE: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

MR: ¨Working on my career, hopefully not dead¨

EE: Who is your favorite musician?

MR: ¨5SOS”(5 Seconds of Summer)

EE: What is your favorite food? 

MR: ¨Mac N’ Cheese¨

EE: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

MR: ¨Yes because it is on a roll¨

EE: What is your favorite word? 

MR: ¨Woo¨

EE: Advice to younger classman? 

MR: ¨Be yourself, there is only one you¨