Senior of the Week: Mason Walls


Congratulations to Mason Walls for being Senior of the Week!

Eagle Eye: What is your favorite color?

Mason Walls: “Don’t have one.”

EE: Who is your role model?

MW: “David Taylor.”

EE: What is your best high school memory?

MW: “Wrestling tournaments.”

EE: What is something you wish you could do right now?

MW: “Go to British Columbia.”

EE: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

MW: “Working as an electrical engineer.”

EE: Favorite musician?

MW: “Breaking Benjamin.”

EE: Favorite food?

MW: “General Tso.”

EE: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

MW: “NO.”

EE: What is your favorite non-vulgar word?

MW: “Oi.”

EE: Advice to under class men?

MW: “Don’t be lazy.”

EE: What are your plans after high school?

MW: “Go to college for engineering.”