Saturday detentions eliminated

No Saturday detentions?  Mr. Bender would approve.

No Saturday detentions? Mr. Bender would approve.

This school year Saturday detentions have been eliminated, according to Mr. Luke Rhoades, High School Dean of Students.

“Attendance wasn’t consistent [at Saturday detentions], causing more disciplinary action,” said Rhoades.

As a result of inconsistent attendance at Saturday detentions, the students would be subject to further disciplinary actions, leading to additional Saturday detentions and eventually out of school suspensions.

The school also had to employ teachers to supervise Saturday detention, but with so many student absences the teachers often had few students attending.

Since Saturday detentions have been eliminated students who get in trouble will instead face different disciplinary consequences enforced during the school week. Depending on the seriousness of their actions students will be assigned up to several after-school detentions or perhaps in-school suspension.

According to Rhoades the main benefit of eliminating Saturday detentions is that more students will show up for their detentions, causing less additional disciplinary actions to be taken later. Also, teachers will not have to supervise students on an early Saturday morning.