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Rocky’s Movie Reviews: Saw 10


The Saw franchise has been around since the early 2000’s with the first installment released in 2004. Nearly twenty years later, the main character, John Kramer, played by Tobin Bell, is still playing his murderous games.

The main idea of the Saw movies, and the point that Kramer tries to prove, is that when you take advantage or try to cheat certain things in life, there will be consequences. While this may be true in some instances, Kramer takes these consequences way too far.

Kidnapping, torturing, and mentally/physically abusing his victims is Kramer’s idea of setting the record straight. However, some find his way of inflicting such pain quite interesting.

Rather than just killing his victims on the spot, Kramer decides to make games, but these aren’t like any other games his audience has ever heard before. These near-impossible games to beat make his victims choose whether they suffer an unworldly amount of pain or die.

The idea that Kramer violently tries to get across to his victims is to cherish the life they have because they could be in a much worse situation. He accomplishes this by putting them in the worse situations he talks about.

In Kramer’s defense, most of his victims are bad people who have done bad things, but ethically taking one’s life as a punishment is wrong. But, Kramer technically doesn’t kill; he gives the option to live or die. Suffer great pain or don’t live to see another day.

Talking about SawX specifically, John Kramer is in desperate need of treatment due to his brain cancer. Thinking he found help in Mexico Kramer uncovers a nasty truth which forces him to resort back to his old ways.

Putting five very unlucky people into five of the most gruesome traps of the entire franchise, Kramer once again aims to teach his victims a lesson. A lesson about greediness and taking advantage of the weak.

What’s special about this movie is that it leaves the audience with a choice. Do you take the side of the poor man who just wanted help to cure his cancer, or do you take the side of the criminals who picked the wrong man to mess with?

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About the Contributor
Rocky Romani
Rocky Romani, Staff Writer
Rocky Romani is a senior at Tyrone Area High School and is back for round four of his Eagle Eye membership. For the Eagle Eye, Rocky mainly covers sports stories such as soccer and track (which isn’t too hard considering he competes in both), but occasionally he’ll get creative and think of his own story idea separate from sports. Outside the classroom, he enjoys playing soccer, watching movies, and hanging out with friends and family. Speaking of soccer, Rocky is a player on the Tyrone Boys Varsity Soccer Team where he hopes to pursue his dream of advancing to the next level. His goal is to play collegiate-level college soccer, but he also has to take kicking into consideration as well. Some goals that Rocky has for his senior year are: scoring 15-20 goals this soccer season, not missing a single PAT (point after touchdown) for the football team, hitting a couple of field goals, placing at track invitationals, and keeping straight A’s.

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