Q & A with Dr. Sabah Dabby

Dr. Dabby and his wife near their home in North Carolina

Dr. Sabah Dabby, a successful local businessman, spoke to the freshman class as part of the biweekly Freshman Seminar series on Monday, March 17.

The Eagle Eye was able to interview Dr. Dabby after his presentation.

Eagle Eye: If you could meet the people that helped you along the way, what would you say to them?

Dr. Sabah Dabby: I would say thank you and its nice to see you again. I think they would be happy to see that I succeeded and am successful now.

EE: You’re a millionaire, but you live a frugal lifestyle. Please elaborate. How is your lifestyle frugal?

SD: My wife cuts my hair. I buy my clothes at Walmart. I drive a 2001 Lexus with 205,000 miles on it.

EE: Is there anything that you regret?

SD: I wish I would have helped more and gave more than I did.

EE: Some of the students were amazed by your memory. How is it so good?

SD: When you’ve lived the life I have you remember every detail.

EE: Out of all the advice you gave today, what is the one that you think is the most important?

SD: I want you all to serve others and feel fulfilled when you get older. To be happy with what you have.

EE: How has your life stories and advice affected your children?

SD: Honestly, they don’t relate. I can’t blame them. They’re well off! I tell them. But I don’t think they truly understand.

EE: Who influenced your life the most?

SD: The teachers I had. My mother’s goal for us was to finish high school. They never went to high school. And my mother always said how proud she would be if we did graduate.

EE: What do us Americans take for granted?

SD: Safety nets. As in welfare.

EE: Are you happy?

SD: I’m very happy. I am self sufficient.