Powderpuff Preview: Juniors and Seniors Clash on October 25


Taylor Hoover

Alainna Nevling runs for a first down in 2016 (Eagle Eye file photo)

Juniors and Seniors will face off in the annual Powderpuff game on Wednesday, October 25th.

The Junior team hasn’t had the best track record in the past, but the class of 2019 looks to change that.

We’re gonna get that DUB!”

— Lea Crofcheck

“[I am most excited] to know how it feels to play as a team under the Friday night lights, and of course, the double Dutch braids,” said junior Paige Hunter, “The coaches really want to win and are consistently showing up to practice to teach us.”

 “The Seniors should be scared because a storm is coming,” said junior coach Cory Lehman.

 On the other hand, this year’s seniors suffered a hard loss of 20-12 last year to the class of 2017 and with a year’s experience are looking for vindication.

“We learned from our mistakes last year, and we’re coming back stronger. I think we will do well, we’ve been putting in some work at practice,”  said senior quarterback Lea Crofcheck.

The team that is most prepared and works hard in practice usually wins the game, and the seniors are convinced that their year of experience and preparation will win the game.

¨Emily Lehman, Alainna Nevling, and Lea Crofcheck [are MVPs because] they work the hardest at practice,” said senior coach Jake Meredith.

The class of 2019 has been hard at practice and possess a lot of talent.

“I think the Junior team has some players that the seniors need to watch out for. It will be a competitive year for sure,” said Emily Fusco,“The seniors are ready to compete and will go out on the field with the passion to win.”

The Seniors should be scared because a storm is coming”

— Junior Coach Cory Lehman

Other players have no apprehension.

“I think one of the teams are going to get wrecked, and it’s not going to be us.” said Emily Lehman.

“We’re gonna get that DUB!” said senior Lea Crofcheck.

The teams have put in a lot at practice and are excited to show what they’ve been working for.

 “It’s anyone’s game,” said Hicks.

The game will be at Gray Field on Thursday, October 25th. Special thanks to Gary McGovern for his 30th year organizing the annual Powder Puff game.