Pizza Podcast #3 Dominos


The Pizza Podcast Crew decided to hit up the newest shop in town: Domino’s.

In this episode, Cody, Michael, Lucia, and Sarah shook things up and got a combo deal of two medium pan pizzas with garlic knots and cinnamon twists instead of the usual large half cheese, half pepperoni pie.

Dominos provides a variety of pizza options, but they also have sandwiches to go along with their many sides and desserts. They offer dine in, dine out, and delivery services. 

While everyone enjoyed the sides, there were mixed reviews on the pizza. The crust and sauce sparked controversial reviews. The Pizza Podcast Crew gave Domino’s a total of 82/140.

Cody, Michael, Lucia, and Sarah would like to thank Dominos for participating in the Pizza Podcast. See you next time!