Photo Flash: 2016 Senior Walk

(Story by Erika Voyzey, photos by Molly Fadgen and Julia Rayzor)

Tyrone seniors have already started the countdown when it hit thirty days left. Now as they round to the homestretch, seniors are hit with a train of emotion.

Now as seniors walk the halls for the last time, it starts to sink in. They graduate in a few days. Honestly, that’s big and a huge accomplishment. They’ve spent the last 12 years of their lives in the same place with the same group of friends and teachers.

“What will the future hold? Will I see my friends? Will I make it through the first year? Can summer just come faster?” are just some of the questions floating through their minds at this time.

Senior Anthony Politza is more than ready to go to Grove City College and be a mechanical engineer. “I’m happy about the harder classes and freedom that comes along with being an official adult.”

College doesn’t have an exact course schedule that you need to pick from. Even though Tyrone tries it’s hardest to provide a variety of classes, going to a university will be more enjoyable for many students.

Class President Sean McGovern is ready to graduate just because his college living plans are better than most. Instead of being in freshman dorms, McGovern, Cullen Raftery, and previous graduates Mark Lewis and Jared Muir all put their down payment on an apartment  at Penn State University Park. “It can’t get any better than living with your best friends.”

Other Tyrone friendships will continue on the college level, too. Brooke Cox and MiKayla Diebold are pursuing their college careers as freshman roommates.  

Other students think that graduating is bittersweet.

Prom King Adam Zook is attending Slippery Rock University, majoring in communications and journalism. Zook hasn’t missed a day all year. “Part of my life is over, while a whole new me begins.”

Sometimes an ending is the best beginning.

Class of 2016 is very unique in the fact that majors are all over the board. Ranging from engineering to pre med,  Senior Zane Hertzler is going into construction technology while Carly Crofcheck is majoring in environmental systems engineering. Alexa Beck is using her creativity to become a pastry chef and a few 2016 graduates will go into automotive and heavy machinery!

The future is in good hands and well rounded when the 2016 graduates enter the “real world”.

Other graduates are flat out excited to move on.

Volleyball player Anslee Walk is most excited about continuing her athletic career at Lycoming College and meeting new people.

College is often the mixing pot for different races, religions, and personalities. Most students are ready to experience new cultures and ideas.

The last group of students left are happy that the school year is nearing its demise and can’t wait for summer. Some students are heading to Ocean City Maryland for beach trips and senior week while others are just happy to be working.

Elizabeth Conrad was appointed a manager position on her farm and Ryan Stringer is just using his summer earnings as a foundation to his future aspirations.

“I’m taking this summer to built relationships with family and friends,” says Stringer.

After 12 years of the busy high school life, it’s about time when students can take a hold of their life and become the legal adults they are.

There will always be differentiated feelings about the end of the year, but there is one known thing– seniors are finished, and a new chapter begins.

Congratulations Class of 2016. You did it!