Philadelphia native enjoys student teaching in Tyrone


Ms. Jessica Hogeland

Four student teachers from Penn State will be completing their teaching experience here at Tyrone in December. All four reported having a good experience at Tyrone High School and are looking forward to beginning their careers as teachers.

Ms. Jessica Hogeland, from Philadelphia is student teaching with Mrs. Deskevich in her ninth grade English classes and with Mrs. Julie Rice in the middle school reading program.

Hogeland has had a very positive experience at Tyrone, although it is difficult for her to transistion between a high school  and  middle school.

Ms. Hogeland was inspired to be a teacher from her own experience in school.

“School growing up was always a positive place, and I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment,” said Hogeland.

Her experience at Tyrone has taught her that being over prepared is better than being underprepared. She has also learned that classroom management is vital, and to look at the positives in each day.

Ms. Hogeland reported that she has enjoyed working here at Tyrone specifically.  “It is very different from where I grew up in Philidelphia,” said Hogeland.

When asked if working here will make her a better teacher in the long run, she said yes.   According to Hogeland, going from pre-service to actual teaching has taught her a lot.