Panthers Take Down Eagles 6-2

After coming off of a disappointing 5-0 loss against Bald Eagle, the boys hoped to take a win from Penn Cambria. In previous seasons, Tyrone had Penn Cambria beaten in most games. However, this was not the case as the Panthers downed the Golden Eagles 6-2.

In many ways, Tyrone is a reflection of Penn Cambria, so it really just came down to who played the better game.

The Panthers came out strong, catching the Golden Eagles off guard. In the first 10 minutes of the game, Penn Cambria took the ball up the field without any pressure from Tyrone’s defense.

The Panther’s offensive player took a rip from around 25 yards away on the left side of the field and curled it into the right side of the net. The ball went right over Tyrone keeper Eric Sims head and into the back of the net.

One thing Tyrone has to work on is keeping their head up when they get scored on especially early in the game because if they don’t they are going to have a long game ahead of them.

Tyrone continued to fight against the Panthers, but unfortunately, Penn Cambria got another one on the board. 15 minutes later, Tyrone finally responded by putting one in the back of the net.

The defensemen of the Panthers kicked the ball out on their side of the half resulting in a Golden Eagle’s corner kick. Junior Center Attacking Midfielder, Rocky Romani was called to take the kick.

Romani launched a perfect ball inside the 6-yard box where freshman Rowan Moore was waiting to get a point for Tyrone.

Due to an awkward angle, Moore wasn’t able to get a clean shot off, but did use his shoulder to knock the ball into a defender on Penn Cambria and next thing the players knew, it was in the back of the Panthers net.

With a score of 2-1, the Golden Eagles knew they were still in this game. This score would remain for the rest of the half, for the two teams challenged each other fairly well.

The halftime talk for the Golden Eagles consisted of many improvements that needed to be made.

“It’s the little things, fellas,” said Head Coach Alex Bartlett. “This is a beatable team, but we have to take care of the little things”

Going into the second Tyrone was ready to play another 40 minutes of soccer. However, things didn’t go as planned.

In the second half, Penn Cambria put four more on the board, making the score 6-1.

Thanks to senior Kevin Carper, Tyrone was able to make a counterattack, resulting in a goal.

Scoring showed Tyrone was back on the right path however, the clock on the scoreboard had run out of time.