Opinion: COVID-19 Will Catalyze Voter Fraud

For nearly two and a half months the United States has been in a strict quarantine that has, debatably, been easing its grasp on the country as a whole. However, it is no form of fantasy to claim that certain political giants have an underlying desire for this pandemic to have lasting effects up until November 2020.

In the 2016 election, it was claimed that multiple millions of deceased individuals were found to be voting, however this is and was not proven true or false. In 2016, President Trump made the claim that “Approximately 24 million people — one out of every eight — voter registrations in the United States are no longer valid or significantly inaccurate.” There was also talk of illegal immigrants being allowed by certain states to vote in the election, regardless of their lack of citizenship in the United States. As stated, the merit of these claims were neither proven true nor false.

Now, with the upcoming 2020 election in the fall, a new possibility of voter fraud has emerged with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer as it’s frontrunner.

The Michigan governor is appalled by President Trump’s threats to withhold aid to the state due to assumed use of absentee ballots to millions of Michigan voters. Whitmer has used these threats as a call to action on the “tyranny” of President Trump, displacing the issue of mail-in voting.

Mail-in voting, which is not limited to postal or electronic email, can be an effective but highly unstable method of electing people into certain offices due to the difficulty it displays for tracking if these voters actually exist. For example, it is no secret that some individuals use multiple email addresses or identities in order to extend their “free trial” on a certain service online or otherwise. This same situation is relevant to the idea of mail-in voting.

Similar to the “deceased” voters in 2016, a single person could easily create multiple addresses and display themselves as multiple different people. This person could then use these identities to take advantage of mail-in voting, skewing poll numbers.

Some may claim that this could never happen, and there is hope it does not, however there is one factor that can rightfully say it is not out of the realm of possibility that voter fraud can occur, and that factor is COVID-19.

A man named Dr. Neil Ferguson made the claim that nearly 2.2 million deaths would occur in the spring season alone from COVID-19. This would mean that the death rate would need to accelerate to over seven times the amount it has based on the number of deaths in the entire world, just inside the United States. The point being, experts can and have been wrong, and it is no secret that the claim that voter fraud will not occur is and will be wrong.

As long as some politicians and those in power will hold tightly to the false forecasts the coronavirus will bring if we simply do away with our liberty and basic human rights, all will be just fine. The coronavirus will no longer be mentioned beyond November 3rd, 2020, because as long as fear plays its role in voting, those in blue will no longer need a pandemic’s assistance.